Our Patients

Sinus problems are hard enough to deal with on their own, so we take pride in providing a safe and comforting environment for our patients. It is very important to us that our patients feel at ease when visiting our office, and confident when meeting with our staff.

Our Patients

Many conditions can be complicated to comprehend, especially if the patient is new to the ENT field. We want our patients to really understand their individual situation in order for the correct course of treatment to run smoothly. For young patients, we actively engage parent cooperation and encourage preparing accordingly for any visits to our clinic.

We want each and every patient to leave feeling  as though we’ve made progress with solving their problem. Ultimately, we want the entire process to run as smoothly as possible, whatever the situation may be. We believe the combination of our physicians’ expertise and the quality care of our office staff will set up our patients for successful results.

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Patient Forms

In order to provide the best service for our patients, we’ve included options for accessing patient forms and portals online.

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Insurance Information

To make the process easier when scheduling a first visit, we’ve included information regarding accepted insurance plans and our clinic online.

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