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Hearing devices are the primary means of managing hearing loss that cannot be treated medically or surgically. Based on your evaluation, our audiologist, Mr. Mark T. Spears, MS/CCC-A,   may recommend hearing devices or refer you for further in-house tests. 

A number of hearing aid models and styles are available to our patients. We will help find the best match for each of our patients based on their medical conditions and budget. 

Once hearing aids are elected as a treatment and the doctor has medically cleared a patient, our patients consult with Mr. Spears on the best matches for their hearing loss. Hearing aids are fitted and custom ordered from our manufacturer. Once the hearing aids arrive, a fitting session is scheduled. During this session, Mr. Spears will help find the best fit and the optimal results through using the complex computer algorithms within these modern devices. All hearing aids have a 30-day trial period where they can be returned for a refund less the fitting fees (nominal costs for the disposable tools used to fit the hearing aids).

  • Comprehensive hearing aid evaluation. This evaluation determines whether there is a need for amplification and, if so, what fitting parameters would best match patient’s needs. 
  • The Hearing Aid Fitting: Computerized and personalized fitting of hearing aids to meet patient’s hearing needs. This also includes personalized counseling patients about hearing aid use and detailed explanation of all the controls. 
  • Post-Hearing Aid Fitting: Verifying hearing aid functionality and making adjustments to meet patient specific hearing needs. 
  • Continued counseling and hearing aid adjustments. 

Treating your hearing loss and managing your tinnitus can have a positive effect on your day to day life at home or at work.

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