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When the first piece on  Balloon Sinuplasty aired on NBC in 2009 , the story went national. Sinus specialist (rhinologist),  Ford Albritton, MD, FACS was the FIRST SURGEON in DALLAS and the second surgeon in all of Texas to perform Balloon Sinuplasty in 2006.  With this news story, calls came in from across the country.  Since that first case in early 2006, Dr. Albritton has established himself as one of the world’s most experienced surgeons with  Balloon Sinuplasty tools.  

Dr. Albritton participated in several initial studies on Balloon sinus technology, serving as lead author on two scientific manuscripts.  He was not only an early investigator in the emergence of new tools for sinus surgery, he has been a pioneer in the field of “interventional rhinology” and the use of minimally invasive tools and techniques to treat conditions of the sinuses and nasal breathing.  He has lectured on how to perform balloon sinus dilation in the office as well as the OR to surgeons from literally around the world including many of the ENT surgeons in DFW area.   In the summer of 2013, he was asked to help surgeons in the UK as they adopt using balloon sinuplasty in the awake setting.  It is no wonder.  He was the lead author in the seminal and first paper describing the use of transnasal approaches for balloon sinus dilations in an awake setting.  He has led and spoken at numerous meetings and courses across the US, from NYC to Atlanta, Orlando ( as key note rhinology speaker at a national ENT meeting), Houston, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Palo Alto, CA, and London, UK.  Dr. Albritton taught the very first course on in-office sinus surgery of its kind anywhere.  It was hosted here in Dallas in February 2011.   He subsequently has taught surgeons, both private and academic, medical-school-based surgeons from as far away as Sydney and Adelaide, Australia and even New Zealand.

In June 2013, the Sinus & Respiratory Disease Center at the Texas Institute opened its doors in a beautiful 3700 sq foot open space within the Texas Institute for Surgery building on Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas campus. He and Dr. Goldsmith offer expertise in awake and operating theater based balloon sinus surgeries. 


While many surgeons are electing to advertise in multiple media outlets professing expertise, Dr. Albritton is a Dallas sinus surgeon that is world recognized as an expert.  Discriminating patients and surgeons who are not taken in by marketing methods and mass media exposure, turn to Dr. Albritton, Goldsmith, and their staffs to know they are being treated in the most advanced but most appropriate ways for the long term interest in their sinus problems.

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